How to Leverage Facebook to Capture Organic Leads on Autopilot

Meiko S. Patton
5 min readJul 1, 2020


How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow with an extra $25,000 sitting in your bank account?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture $25,000 and breathe.

It feels good, right?

Well my friends, it is possible.

Today, I’m going to talk about the power of automation and how you can leverage FB to capture organic leads on autopilot.

The goal of automation is to amplify your reach with your personal mantra or message without trading hours for dollars. When you learn and implement this deceptively simple and clever technique you’re going to wonder why you hadn’t thought about doing it before.

I call this the Double-O Method: Organic-Optimize Method.

Time Needed to Implement this Strategy: 60 Minutes

What You Will Need:

· Facebook Profile

· Canva

· Lead Magnet or Offer

Question #1, have you ever been active in a FB group or just scrolling on FB when a comment or a post captures your attention?

Of course, so what is your next move?

Most of us decide to click to view that person’s profile page. As humans, we are naturally curious, so we check them out and drumroll please, that is the key to capturing organic leads. When people check out your profile image, what do they see? Do they see something that is intriguing, inviting them to learn more about you or is it just dull and boring?

Question #2, how often do you update your profile picture on FB? When was the last time you updated it? Did you know that when you update your profile picture your entire network is notified of the update? Yes, it creates an automatic push notification to your contacts. Do you realize how VALUABLE that is?

Say you’ve just put the finishing touches on your offer, now you’re thinking about ways to promote it so you can serve people with your message. A simple and easy way to do that is by going into Canva and creating a new FB cover photo talking about your offer.

When you update your cover photo, put a teaser on it, telling people to download a freebie, so they can get on your mailing list. Use this technique every time you have something new to offer. You will always remain top of mind because your network will constantly be notified when you upload a new cover photo.

In addition, when you start to engage in FB groups, people will naturally be curious, they will check out your profile and be persuaded to download your freebie or opt into your email list just because you optimized your profile.

Be aware that people are looking at your profile whenever you:

· Like someone’s page

· When you post on your page

· When you share something

· Or just have a social media account

The people checking out your page are your potential customers.

That’s why you have to optimize your profile covers and offer something intriguing that makes them want to hit the “Learn More” button so they can find out more about you.

If you’re not optimizing your profile, you’re missing out on automatic organic growth.

There are five places in which you need to optimize your FB Profile to turn it into a Powerful Lead Automated Machine

Step 1: FB Cover Photo — Open up a free Canva account and create a new cover photo with your offer. Your contacts will be immediately notified.

Whenever you drive down the highway, you see billboards, these billboards only have a few seconds to capture your attention. Your profile photo is your personal billboard. Use it wisely.

Step 2: Upload a new Profile Picture that captures you the best as a business professional. You may not realize it, but people click on this photo more often than you think. When they click it, they will be taken to info about you and your offer.

Step 3: The Intro Section underneath needs to succinctly tell what you do and who you serve. If you want people to click it, make it interesting and appealing.

Step 4: Bio Link needs to go directly underneath your bio with a link to your offer, website or freebie. Most people overlook this and never put a link there. If you don’t, you are missing out on potential customers.

Step 5: Featured Photo — This is prime real estate to showcase your free offer, lead magnet, book or something else that will make people want to click it and learn more about you. This is a covert FB secret weapon. Rarely do people take advantage of it. Be different, implement this today.

When you optimize your profile in these five ways your profile secretly becomes a mini secret sales assassin that captures new customers for your business or podcast on autopilot.

Now when you engage on social media and people check out your profile they will be sent into your mini sales funnel and your will capture leads on autopilot day and night.

Voila….there you have it.

Now, think back to the question I asked you at the outset. What if you woke up tomorrow and saw $25,000 sitting in your back account because you implemented these strategies in the next 60 minutes?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, picture $25,000 and breathe.

It feels good, right?

Now Go Out and Get It!

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